Realistic Silicone Mask Fred by The Masker Studio

ABOUT "Fred" Mask:

As a child, Fred loved looking out the window at the ice cream man, dreaming that one day he would give children joy with ice cream. Every day, he waited for the ice cream man's smile and power to share happiness. Ice cream became his obsession. Not only does he eat it every single day, he also spends hours doodling ice cream cones, daydreaming about sprinkles, and wearing clothes (even underwear) with ice-cream-scoop print. His dream eventually came true: he's an ice cream man himself now, delivering smiles to children.

"Fred" mask is a wonderful thing to have! Terrifically realistic and wearable for hours, this mask can be used on stage, as well as for movies, other artistic projects, or simply for treating your friends to an absolutely unforgettable experience!

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