Realistic Silicone Mask Homer by The Masker Studio

June 11, 2015

Sergey Mezhericher

ABOUT "Homer" Mask:

Homer's hobbies include heavy drinking and eating just about anything, but his favorite foods are doughnuts and pork chops. He responds to food by drooling and saying " dogs/hamburgers/hoagies." His picture even hangs in The Frying Dutchman, where he's known as "Bottomless Pete: Nature's Cruelest Mistake" because he almost put the restaurant out of business during its All You Can Eat Night!


"Homer" mask is a wonderful thing to have! Terrifically realistic and wearable for hours, this mask can be used on stage, as well as for movies, other artistic projects, or simply for treating your friends to an absolutely unforgettable experience!.















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