Realistic Silicone Mask For Theater by The Masker Studio

May 1, 2015

Sergey Mezhericher

ABOUT "Leprechaun" Mask:

Leprechauns are said to always be drunk. However, unlike their cousins, they are surly. Many fables conclude Leprechaun enjoy riding sheep and dogs at night. If you treat them well they will protect your wine cellar, and if mistreated, they will wreak havoc on your home and spoil your wine stock. In some tales, they act as buttery spirits, plaguing drunkards or dishonest servants who steal wine; if the victim attempts to move away from their tormentor, the Leprechaun will hop into a cask to accompany them.


"Leprechaun" mask is a wonderful thing to have! Terrifically realistic and wearable for hours, this mask can be used on stage, as well as for movies, other artistic projects, or simply for treating your friends to an absolutely unforgettable experience!











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