ABOUT "Mr President Donald Trump" Mask:

President Donald Trump is really smart, really successful, and actually a nice person. He always does the best things. Some people say he's horrible, but they're just losers, disasters, stupid, and weeeeeak! He's made a lot of money and he made it so easily, it was almost boring. Losers and haters think his IQ is low, but it’s high, it's so high.Mr. President is a self-motivated man. Every morning, he peps himself up in the mirror : "I am very, very smart, I do very good things, everyone loves me, I am very successful."

Mr. Trump’s life is about winning, not losing. Of course, everyone loves him! And don’t forget, he is rich.

"Mr President Donald Trump" mask is a wonderful thing to have! Terrifically realistic and wearable for hours, this mask can be used on stage, as well as for movies, other artistic projects, or simply for treating your friends to an absolutely unforgettable experience!

Mr President Donald Trump

$1,299.99 Regular Price
$1,039.99Sale Price
    • Hand-made, hand-painted, and hand-decorated - 100% American-made.
    • Easy to put on and take off. Very soft and breathable; transfers body heat and stretches well to allow for long wear.
    • Made from the highest quality, medical-grade silicone with mesh-protected layer - durable with a lifetime warranty!
    • Realistically natural skin appearance, complete with hand-made moles, warts, liver spots, veins, wrinkles and individually-inserted eyebrow, facial hairs..
    • Comes with a mannequin stand to maintain the mask’s shape and quality over time; $80 value - yours free!

    NOTE: Mask’s appearance may change slightly depending on the wearer’s head and face shape.