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About company

Every man-made phenomenon has its own philosophy and history of progress. The tradition of masks, just like of costumes, has its roots in the distant past. Long before mankind, the art of changing appearances was conceived by Mother Nature -- the change of day into night, the change of the seasons, and the defensive, aggressive, or boastful outfits of beasts. Mankind inherited this tradition from nature and created its own versions: we create theatrical, carnival, ritual, decorative, battle, and clandestine looks. Our company aims to uphold all of these categories and delve into new ones, to make masks as familiar an attribute to people as clothing, hairstyles, baubles, or tattoos. The key is the collective knowledge and experience of our founders, people with diverse backgrounds: artists, historians, actors, biologists, and engineers.

Our Team

Igor Velgach

Artist, Sculpturist

Art is everything. Everything is art.

Sergey Mezhericher

Creative Director

“Our whole life is a game.” It’s possible… In any case it is in theater that the true nature of the human soul, character and reason for being are unveiled. In the process of forming our troupe, many different and multifaceted events occurred, thanks to which, a new Russian theater was formed in Chicago.

Naziay Miftakhova

Customer Service

Something alien but unusually familiar, strong but easily hurt, incredibly simple but surprisingly complex; all of this can be summated in one word – theater. One would think that all of these feelings could not coexist together, but in theater they not only exist, their harmony is essential for the creation of a full-fledged person, as an individual and as an actor. Theater is an art, and art wants a mixture of emotions and feelings that are contradictory to one another, continuing to surprise their hosts and their fans.

Dmitriy Vishnevskiy

Photography, Digital Content

Nobody said that it would be easy, but as Antoine de Saint Exupery once said, “We must answer for that, which we have tamed,” and it’s true, how can a person abandon to which he created himself, grew to love, and without which he finds it hard to imagine life?

Yes, theater is work, hard work, for if you leave a rehearsal not feeling wasted and tired, you cheated, you didn’t work properly, and the audience won’t forgive that. Yes, theater is work, but a kind of work that you do, to relax. Theater is a fragile being, and it is very simple to blow out the flame of its heart, but our duty as parents of “Tet-a-Tet” consists of guarding and enlarging the flame of our theatrical heart.Photo

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