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The process of making masks is neither simple nor quick. First, a prototype is constructed, usually with plasticine, then a wooden frame, a gypsum case, a silicone mold, and finally, the mask itself. The mask is then colored, and artificial hair is added. From making the initial decision of an image to create to the final haircut, more than a month could go by.

To that end, we apply a wide array of tools and talents, the listing of which would probably overwhelm even the most curious customer.

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Every man-made phenomenon has its own philosophy and history of progress. The tradition of masks, just like of costumes, has its roots in the distant past. Long before mankind, the art of changing appearances was conceived by Mother Nature - the change of day into night, the change of the seasons, and the defensive, aggressive, or boastful outfits of beasts. 

We are located at Glenview, Illinois, United State